Tax audits & defense consulting

Did you know that every third tax assessment is faulty?

Since in many cases an accurate and critical examination of the tax assessment is omitted, the treasury regularly collects funds that it is legally not entitled to!

However, many citizens still refrain from enforcing their rights with appropriate procedural means. Drowned by the mass and complexity of tax regulations, administrative acts are often accepted much too quickly without objection. From our day-to-day practice, we know that it is often enough to have targeted, professionally written letters, and the tax office must cut the sails and correct the illegal tax assessments. In many cases, however, further steps are necessary and conflicts with the tax authorities must be settled before the tax courts. According to statistics, a high proportion of financial processes ends with decisions that are favorable for the taxpayer. A reason to enjoy? Hardly, however, this clearly shows that the tax authorities often first follow purely fiscal arguments in their tax assessment and show little interest in considering the facts from the point of view of the taxpayer. Still, many people shy away from legal disputes, giving the tax office the upper hand.

We strongly advise you to protect your rights with determination. Of course, every litigation is preceded by thorough advice on costs and risks. Take advantage of our experience and pay only the taxes you really have to pay!

We support you with the following services:

  • examination of the legality of tax assessments
  • defense counseling and representation in tax criminal proceedings
  • conducting appeals and complaints
  • applications for reduction of tax prepayments
  • deferment and remission applications
  • application for provisional legal protection
  • accompaniment of tax audits, wage tax audits and sales tax audits

Which factors are risks for a tax audit?

You will be notified prior to a tax audit, but the auditor usually already has some information about you and your business in his pocket (balance sheets, tax returns, check messages, etc.). On this basis, he prepares the outdoor exam. It therefore makes sense to think about the background in advance:

  • You have made high deposits in the business assets with low private wealth.
  • Your company has made losses for several years.
  • The business assets or your assets grow without corresponding income.
  • Your income is too low compared to the normal cost of living.
  • Your lifestyle does not match your income.
  • Your profit is below the industry average, which is based on the profit benchmarks.
  • Your sales fluctuate strongly for no apparent reason.
  • Insertion or removal of land in or out of business assets.
  • You change the legal form of the company or give it up.
  • You do not meet tax obligations or do not meet them punctually.
  • Previous checks led to high back payments.