International tax law

In the field of international tax law, our company has many years of experience in specialization consulting and tax consulting for permanent establishments and subsidiaries of foreign companies in Germany. In addition, we are very familiar with the peculiarities of cross-border accounting and payroll accounting.

It is often only a small step that turns a national company into an international one. However, this step is always associated with completely different aspects of tax law, especially if a branch abroad may be added.

Our experts competently advise and structure smaller and larger expansion plans. If necessary, we also establish contact with associated law firms on site to ensure optimal care.

Our services in this area include in particular:

International tax law for companies


  • tax liability for cross-border activities
  • foreign operations
  • foreign subsidiaries
  • transfer of functions abroad
  • transfer of assets
  • temporary employment
  • posting of workers abroad
  • foreign workers in Germany
  • VAT payments
  • EU tax refund procedure
  • international trade in goods

International tax law for employees


  • International tax law for employees
  • moving abroad
  • posting of workers abroad
  • return to country of origin
  • capital gains tax / withholding tax
  • inheritance tax abroad
  • taxation of foreign assets
  • taxation of contributions and benefits to AHV and pension funds
  • self-disclosure tax evasion
  • taxation of foreign pensions