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100% digital collaboration with us


You have taken a big step towards the future: digital collaboration in financial accounting and payroll.

Thanks to the comfortable cloud application DATEV a whole new dimension of exchange opens up. Consistently digital processes make everyday life significantly more efficient. Convince yourself of the added value of this solution! Ten examples show just what advantages you can benefit from: each one a compelling argument for digital collaboration.



1. Time saving – financial accounting per click instead of pendulum folder

For decades, the pendulum folder was at the center of the work process. It has defined the method of operation – and caused you a lot of work: Sort documents into the pendulum folder, copy them, bring them to the office, pick up folders and dissolve them again to sort the documents back into their own office folders …
In short: hours of effort without added value. And this month after month. DATEV makes this necessary task much more efficient!
This is how you benefit from DATEV company online:
Digitalization saves you a lot of time. You regularly scan your receipts and send them into the DATEV cloud in the DATEV data center. All documents are digitized and clearly archived. If you are looking for a receipt, it is available with one click on the PC. Time consuming research in paper folders is a thing of the past!

2. Efficient – exchange of personal documents

As with financial accounting, the analog exchange of documents in payroll accounting involves a great deal of work for you and our company. No matter whether it concerns personnel questionnaires from new employees, sick leave or enrollment certificates – cooperation with DATEV company online is much easier.

This is how you benefit from DATEV:
The data exchange with DATEV becomes much more efficient. For example, you scan all payroll-relevant documents and upload them via documents online into the digital personnel file in DATEV. The responsible clerk in the office has direct access to everything he needs to prepare the payroll – simply through his payroll program. Further advantages: The originals stay with you and are digitally archived.


3. Reliable – Archiving electronic invoices

Clear rules apply to electronic invoices: In case of a tax audit, the original invoice – in this case the electronic invoice – can be requested. The printed invoice is not enough. If the e-mail was not archived over the legally requested period of ten years and was deleted in the meantime, you find yourself in an unpleasant situation. This cannot happen with DATEV company online: with this system you are automatically on the safe side.

4. Transparent – Always keep an eye on the account balance

Many entrepreneurs focus their business activities on their account balance. For this reason it is extremely important to know at all times how liquid the company is – not only when you receive a printed statement of account at your bank. With DATEV, you almost have your own “bank account cockpit”. You always have current numbers available. The application can even be used without an electronic banking program.

This is how you benefit from DATEV:
You always have the account balance in view, because you can see all account balances and the balance of the current day and the previous day directly on the homepage of Bank online – an application in DATEV. To enable this, it is enough to connect your bank account one time. Of course, this is also possible for multiple bank accounts.

5. Ease – Fast transfers with less effort

It becomes particularly costly for a company if 50, 100 or more bills a month are incurred. For every transfer you have to fill out a payment medium. This causes a lot of work, especially if they are filled out by hand. Even with a banking program various informations have to be completed: at least the billing or order number in the purpose and the invoice amount must be entered manually. DATEV noticeably accelerates this process.

This is how you benefit from DATEV:
Transfers are done quickly and with little effort: The supplier invoice is scanned by you.

The OCR recognition of DATEV identifies more than 80% of the information provided by the paper receipt, for example date, invoice number and amount. The payment medium is automatically filled from these data. One more click – and the bank transfer is at the bank. For optimal overview and order, the payment medium is directly linked to the invoice.

DATEV also supports the division of labor within the company. One employee can complete the missing information in the payment medium, while another employee releases the payment.

6. Easily submit direct debits to the bank with just a few clicks

The direct debit system is an excellent means of securing the liquidity of the company. Because direct debits ensure that the bill is paid promptly. However, the creation of direct debits is associated with manual effort for you. DATEV reduces this endeavor significantly.

This is how you benefit from DATEV:
Direct debits are completed quickly and easily with the bank: you write the customer invoice and upload it to DATEV. Thanks to OCR recognition, the date, invoice number and amount on the receipt are identified at over 80% and filled in automatically on the payment medium. With a few clicks, the direct debit is then transferred to the bank. And finally, the payment and the invoice are linked in order to achieve optimal overview and order.

7. Fast – make wage payments

Creating the payroll correctly is one thing. The punctual transfer of wages and salaries the other. If you have to use the printed transfer slip or cover letter for the release of salary payments to the bank, additional expenses arise – and stress. Not infrequently, the banks also charge fees in this case. With DATEV, this work is done much more comfortably!

This is how you benefit from DATEV:
Payroll payments can be arranged quickly. Because with DATEV, we can automatically make payments with the pay slip available to you. And this is how it works: The clerk in our office prepares the billing in the DATEV payroll program and provides you with the payment proposals via DATEV. You can then release the salary payment proposal directly and send it to the bank.

8. Secure – GoBD-compliant cash book for tax audits 

Are you on the safe side in terms of cash register? This is all the more important because now, for the first time, the financial administration is allowed to carry out check-ups with all taxpayers earning profits. The goal is to uncover manipulation. And this is where the tax authorities are really putting pressure: Cash movements must be recorded daily and archived in machine-evaluable form for ten years. It is particularly unpleasant if the cash register was not properly managed and inconsistencies are discovered: Then it can come to the dreaded Hinzuschätzung, added profits via estimation. The solution is very simple – a GoBD-compliant cash management with DATEV.

This is how you benefit from DATEV:
With the DATEV solution, you play it safe regarding tax audits: you record every cash movement.

DATEV checks constantly for cash minus, chronology and completeness – automatically. The cash movements can also be recorded directly from the digital document screen. These digital documents are then archived in an audit-proof manner in the DATEV data center and linked to the cash register movement. With a reassuring result: a GoBD-compliant cash book.

9. Environmentally friendly – less paper for wage evaluations

After you have created the pay slip, you will receive an entire package with evaluations:
Wage diaries, statements of contributions for the health insurance companies or personnel cost overviews. Printed on paper, the evaluations must be filed in folders and sorted on the shelf.

Month after month, year after year. In addition, you are required to keep the evaluations for ten years – this adds up quickly to several shelf meters. Also the dispatch of the evaluations by e-mail is not ideal. Because in this case you have to save the files locally and make sure that they are available for the next ten years. Things are much easier with DATEV.

This is how you benefit from DATEV:
We provide you with environmentally friendly, comfortable and digital wage evaluations. Elaborate filing or saving is a thing of the past.

In addition, you benefit from secure archiving in the DATEV data center for ten years. And if you need a specific document, you will quickly find it using the convenient search function.

10. Simple – make bookings 

You spend a lot of time only with securing accounting records. Valuable lost time – and a huge effort, especially if you have to type incoming invoices by hand. It is worthwhile to use DATEV for this process.

This is how you benefit from DATEV:
Digital document booking simplifies the whole process:
First, you scan the documents. From the digital documents the booking line in DATEV Mittelstand Billing with accounting will be automatically filled in.



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