Financial accounting & Payroll

Financial accounting


Every company has different needs and requirements. We have therefore divided our offers in the area of financial accounting into three different types of financials.

Classical financial accounting

You store your sorted documents in the pendulum folder and send or transport them to us. We

  • provide complete records,
  • create evaluations in paper form and
  • hand over the evaluations together with the edited folders.
Innovative financial accounting

The more innovative version of financial accounting allows you and us a continuous digital process, in which you either scan your receipts or, if these are already available digitally, transfer them to the shared company cloud. The audit-proof filing offers you and us access, independent from location and time. All receipts remain in your house. In some cases, you will also be required to perform recording tasks without the need for accounting skills. This is particularly useful if the company portal is also used for payment purposes. We

  • book the receipts,
  • create the evaluations.
  • You can view all documents and evaluations any time online.
Self booking

You have comprehensive knowledge and accounting skills and book all the documents yourself. We

  • install the DATEV booking program on your PC and set up the basic data or allow you access to our system,
  • instruct you in using the program,
  • are available in the background for questions,
  • check your transferred bookings and
  • make special bookings or revise them (for example, depreciation).

Elements from all three types of financial accounting can be combined to a solution individually tailored to your goals and needs.

Would you like to know more about how to simplify your financial accounting with us? Please contact us here.







Payroll accounting is sensitive and time consuming. If you cannot take care of it or you do not have enough work for an employee, leave it to us. We ensure that wages and salaries are calculated, transferred and booked on time and correctly. With our individualized monthly pay package you can leave the barely manageable complex requirements of social insurance and employment tax law to the experts. The payslips and personnel evaluations can be sent on paper or via the portal DATEV Company Online.

In addition, we offer you the use of the cloud service Employee Online, where your employees receive personal, protected access to all their payroll documents online. The dispatch or distribution of paper-based documents is completely canceled when using this option.
In addition to the wage calculation for general industries, we also take over the payroll accounting for companies in the construction and crafts business, which are connected to social funds. Our billing package “Baulohn” covers the full service in this area with all necessary settlements in the context of the social cash procedure and the seasonal transfer payments.


As part of the payroll accounting, we are at your disposal with the following services:

  • payroll statements, on request enveloped and with direct dispatch to the employees
  • upon request: creation of employee portals (Employee online)
  • monthly social security declaration procedure
  • notifications to social funds and application for holiday pay
  • billing of short-time work and bad weather money
  • preparation of certificates for employment offices, health insurances, tax offices and professional associations
  • refund claims for sick pay and maternity leave
  • preparation of payment transactions with employees and contribution collection points